No Lillard, no problem there is McCollum, Memphis Grizzlies destroyed Hawks

Cleveland Calaliers have faced Utah Jazz in which Utah came out as a winner(113-126). Sexton scored 32, Love had 22 points in tonight’s game. Bojan Bogdanović with 28 points was the most effective player on the court followed by Rudy Gobert who had 20 points. Utah Jazz are the PO team while Cavs are on the bottom since LeBron left the team.

The biggest surprise that happened tonight was NYK beating Houston Rockets(125-123). RJ Barrett have scored 27 points and led the team to the win over Harden and Westbrook. The biggest difference was made in rebounding, 31 more rebounds New York had, 65 in total. Harden scored 35 points and had 8 assists.

Orlando Magic couldn’t beat Portland Trail Blazers even if Lillard didn’t play(107-130). Nikola Vučević with 30 points as their best starter and Ross(23 as their best player of the bench) couldn’t beat the McCollum who dropped 41 points with 5 rebounds and assists. Trent Jr. added 24 points.

Atlanta Hawks got destroyed hard by Memphis Grizzlies(88-127). Young got destroyed and only allowed wo score 19 points. Dieng with 19 points  as the most effective player of the Grizzlies. Grizzlies are holding the last spot for the PO this season and won’t give it up so easily.

Miami Heat on the home court have beaten up the Milwaukee Bucks(105-89). Jimmy Butler dropped 18 points, Crowder had the same amount of points. Lopez had 21 points while Giannis recorded 13 points with 15 rebounds, completely shut down.

Chicago Bulls have found their playmaker for the future in Coby White, tonight he led them in the win against Dallas Mavericks(109-107). White had 19 points, Porter Jr. is back after a long time, scored 18 points. Hardaway 26 and Dončić 24 points weren’t enough for the win, Porzingis was out, not playing.

San Antonio Spurs have hosted Indiana Pacers at home court and couldn’t secure the win in front of their fans(111-116). Mills with 24 points and Lyles with 20 points were overwhelmed by Brogdon’s 26 points performance. Tj Warren added 23 points.