From the Locker-Room: Floriana Messina – “I would never replace Gary!”

Sports journalism is quickly becoming an extremely desirable profession for a lot of folks, as a direct representative of the impact the world of sports is making on our everyday lives!

Us, sports fans, have become spoiled, we are constantly fed with great games and match-ups, almost on a daily basis. If you are a football fan, you get league weekends, Champions League Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as Europa League on Thursdays. If you prefer tennis, you will find an ATP event every day of the week, and if basketball is your preference, there is just too many NBA and Euroleague games to even keep track!

However, we are not only obsessed with sports, but also analysis of it. We crave more and more, and that is exactly why this week’s edition of From the Locker-Room features one of the most trending TV presenters and sports journalists in the world at the moment, Floriana Messina!

1. First of all, thank you for doing this Floriana! Let me know about the beginning of your professional career, what has drawn you to TV and and world of sports?

Thanks to you for involving me!  I started my television career when I was very young. I have always assumed roles related to the presentation of television programs or related to the world of fashion.

2. You have made headlines as a die-hard Napoli fan! When did you start supporting the team? Do you remember your first game? What other teams do you support?

My origins are related to the city of Naples, so supporting the football team linked to it was a direct consequence. When work commitments allow me, I go to the stadium. I support Naples and, obviously, I support Italy!

3. You have reached an extremely wide audience in the last couple of weeks, with reactions from all over the world. You have also posted fans inviting you to come their country on Instagram. How do you feel about reaching such a wide audience?

I live my role as an “influencer” in a serious way, I love having direct contacts with my followers. I personally answer everyone. I think that the success I have had in recent weeks is a direct consequence of this way of doing.

Floriana grabbed hearts of men across the globe

4. Now, for an Enter the Court exclusive, will you replace Gary Lineker on Match of the Day?

I would never dare replace Gary … I could one day be his guest!

5. Let’s talk aboth the Seria A season. Juventus is having another solid run, while Inter is also playing great under Conte. Who do you see as a title favorite? What is your impression about Napoli this season? Can Gattuso make a difference?

Gattuso is making a difference! We have won both the last league game and the last cup game. The new coach fortified the midfield and the bench. The new players acquired are delighted to have come to Naples! Inter and Juventus are two notable teams, the best team will win! It was to be expected that they would have achieved excellent results in the championship!

6. Who do you feel like has the best shot at the Champions League this season? Can Liverpool repeat?

Manchester City is looking for the cup. Liverpool is now far ahead alone.

7. And finally, tell me something about your plans for 2020, what can we expect from you this year?

I am currently working a lot on TV as a presenter and commentator. I’m also starting to work on the radio. Obviously I will never abandon my followers and my favorite team!