NBA Daily: Russell Westbrook have passed 20 000 points, Portland have beaten Spurs and chasing that PO

Chicago Bulls welcomed New Orleans Pelicans in their home and couldn’t secure the win in front of the fans(119-125). LaVine with 22 points was their best player as always but something special have happened. Adam Mokoka with 15 points in just 5 minutes surprised everyone, he came from KK Mega Bemax from Serbia. He played in NBA games but it’s the first time he scored some points. Zion Williamson already proved that he deserves hype he got before his debut, he has the talent it’s only time that he needs to shut down some mouths that were spoken bad on him. He dropped 21 points in 25 minutes tonight and maybe took a leader spot from Ingram. Reddick(18 points) and Ingram(15 points) played no more than 23 minutes, only Ball played 33 minutes while recording 9/3/10.

Milwaukee Bucks showed Philadelphia 76ers eho is the best team in the East, beating them tonight(112-101). Giannis Antetokounmpo couldn’t be stopped by Horford and Embiid, dropping on them 36 points and grabbing 20 rebounds. Middleton(20 points) and Bledsoe(14/8/6) with Giannis deserved the win for guarding Embiid and only allowing his 19 points(6/26 fg). Harris with 25 points that he scored against the team eho drafted him in 2011. wasn’t enough for the win.

With each game nearing the end of the season, SAS will probably miss the PO for the first time in this century. Tonight it was a battle between Portland and San Antonio, battle between teams who have the biggest chance to make the PO. Portland took a win(125-117), having five players who dropped 17 or more points. Lillard(26 points and 10 assists), Carmelo(20 points), McCollum(19 points), Trent Jr.(18 points) and Whiteside(17 points and 23 rebounds) are chasing the PO. Lyles(23 points and 10 rebounds), DeRozan(21/7/6) and Aldridge(20 points) tried their best but don’t have enough fire power to beat Portland. Maybe it’s time for Spurs to start fresh.

The Knicks got a win, and despite trading away Marcus Morris, they had a solid game beating the Magic 105-103 in New York. Julius Randle had 22 points, Gibson had 19, Payton had 15 points, 9 assists and 7 steals. At the Magic, Vučević had 25 points, Gordon, Fournier and Fultz had 16 points each.

The Rockets won against the Lakers in Los Angeles 121-111. The Rockets played without a proper center, but won despite that. Westbrook was great with 41 points, Gordon had 15, Harden and new player Covington both had 14. At the Lakers, Davis had 32 points and 13 rebounds. LeBron had 18 points, 9 rebounds and 15 assists.