NBA Daily: Nikola Jokić is the best big man in the league, Toronto are second in the East!

Detroit Pistons have beaten Phoenix Suns(116-108) and the main reason was offensive rebounds they got,14 of them to be exact. Drummond with 31 points and 19 rebounds now is the best player on the team with Griffin and Rose out. Jackson(25 points) and Wood(21 points) stopped Devin Booker from taking the game, only scoring 22 points. Oubre with 30 points and Ayton’ 26 points wasn’t enough for the win.

Boston Celtics once again have defeated Orlando Magic(116-100). Tatum(33 points) and Hayward) 23 points) led the the to the win even without Kemba Walker. Fournier and Gordon combined for 49 points but Vučević was stopped on only 12 points.

Brooklyn Nets have destroyed Golden State Warriors(129-88). LeVert(23 points) with Harris and Temple handled DLo(17 points), stopping only offensive player of Warriors. Even with 4W adventage of the Bulls, Nets should not be relax in this moment.

Utah Jazz after a close game have lost from Denver Nuggets(95-98). Conley got his starting spot back and dropped 21 points. Mitchell(18 points), Gobert, Bogdanović and Clarkson (16 points each of them) couldn’t stop Jokić from being the best player on the floor. That same Jokić had triple double(30/21/10) and with the help in Murray(31 points) have defeated Jazz and  they are breathing and chasing Clippers, who are second in the West.

Los Angeles Clippers with George on top have defeated Miami Heat(128-111). Both George and Shamet had 23 points and they earned the win. On the other side, J. J. Derick with 25 points was the most effective player of Miami’s. Adebayo added 22 points with 11 rebounds.

Unbelievable comeback once again for the Raptors in Toronto, this time they won against the Pacers 119-118, depsite being down 10 points with less than 2 minutes to go! Kyle Lowry led the team with 32 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists, Serge Ibaka had one of his best games this season, as he dropped 30 points, including game-winning three with a little over 20 seconds left on the clock. Siakam was also good with 25 points. At the Pacers, Brogdon had 24 points, Justin Holiday had 22, McDermott had 19. Sabonis had another triple-double, with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists.

In duel of two teams that were very active in trade talks and deals in these past few days, the Hawks came out on top, as they won 127-120 in Minneapolis. The Timberwolves traded away Robert Covington, and their defense was much worse because of that, as they gave up 127 points. Trae Young contributed with 38 points and 11 assists, John Collins was great with 27 points and 12 rebounds. At the Wolves, Wiggins, whose future is uncertain at the moment, had 25 points, Okogie had 23, Towns had 21 points and 11 rebounds.

The Oklahoma City Thunder didn’t let this win slip away from their hands, as they beat the Cavs 109-103. Dennis Schröder was again amazing off the bench, as he had 30 points and 6 assists, SGA had 23 points, Gallinari had 15. At the Cavs, Sexton was good with 23 points, Love had 20, Nance Jr. had 14 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists.

The Mavericks once again played without Luka and lost to Grizzlies 121-107 in Dallas. Porzingis was great wih 32 points and 12 rebounds, Jalen Brunson started and had 20 points and 6 assists. At the Grizzlies, Morant had 21 points, Jackson Jr. and Jones had 19 points each, Clarke had one point less.