NBA Daily: Unreal Lillard, Celtics easily deal with Sixers

Boston Celtics got their revenge for the previous lose from Philadelphia 76ers(116-95). Jalen Brown with 32 points and great defence completely shut down 76ers. Ben Simmons with 23 points was only player who put on the fight, Embiid got silenced with only 11 points.

Jaylen Brown had a great game despite going 1-10 from three.

Portland Trail Blazers with a Damian Lillard as their leader have beaten Utah Jazz(124-107). Lillard with another monster game, 51 points and 12 assists(59% fg and one TO). Whiteside with 17 points and 21 rebounds stopped Gobert allowed him only 6 points. Mitchell(25 points), Bogdanović and Conley with 22 points each. Portland is back on 9th place in the West but have next few games against strong teams.

Los Angeles Clippers have destroyed Minnesota Timberwolves(118-106) and killed almost every hope wolves had for the PO. Leonard with 31 and George with 21 points played 25 minutes and finish the game after the third quarter. KAT with 32 points and 12 rebounds was the only player who ‘played’ for Minnesota.

Washington Wizards welcomed Brooklyn Nets and defeated them by 6 points(113-107). Everything js decided in the last quarter in which Wizards won by 9 points(32-23). Beal with 34 points led the team to the win. Dinwiddie with 26 points and Harris with 22 points couldn’t finish the game strong, Irving git injured after Beal fell on him.

Spurs are still holding their hope to make the PO, they defeated Charlotte Hornets tonight(114-90). DeRozan with 24 points and 6 assists led the team in scoring and assisting. On the other side, Bridges with 25 points and Zeller with great stats(14/12/8) are not experienced enough to beat the SAS.

The Pacers were upset by Knicks at home, as they lose to worst team in the East 92-85. Marcus Morris contributed greatly eith 28 points, Randle had 16 points and 18 rebounds. At the Pacers Sabonis had 25 points, Turner had 12.

The Magic hosted the Heat and lost 102-89. Butler stepped up for the Heat, as he jad 24 points, Herro had 23 off the bench. Leonard was good with 18 points and 14 rebounds. At the Magic, Aaron Gordon had 24 points, Vučević had 21.

In a battle of two awful teams, that played the finals just 2 years ago, the Warriors took the win in Ohio against the Cavs (131-112). Glenn Robinson III had 22 points, Russell had 19, Damion Lee finished with 18. At the Cavs, Sexton was good as always with 23 points, Kevin Porter Jr. had a great role of the bench with 19 points.

The Mavericks blew out the Hawks 123-100 in Dallas. Luka and Kristaps didn’t play, but Jalen Brunson stepped up with 27 points and 8 assists, Finney-Smith was also solid with 22 points, Kleber had 18 points. At the Hawks, Collins had 26 points and 11 rebounds, Huerter had 20 points.

Pacific divison matchup went to the Lakers, as they beat the Kings in Sacramento 129-113. This was great team perfomance for the Lakers, as they had 7 players scoring more than 12 points. AD led them with 21, James had 15 points, 10 boards and 11 assists. At the Kings, Fox had 24, Hield had 22, Giles started and finished with 16 points and 8 rebounds.