Huge comeback led by Chris Paul, Dame had a career high

It happened, Kemba Walker finally won a game against LeBron James, first time in his career and Boston Celtics humiliated Los Angeles Lakers(139-107). Brown is back after a few games of rest, dropping 20 points. Tatum(27 points) and Walker(20 points) stopped LeBron at just 15 points. McGee had 18 points and also Davis is back but only played 23 minutes while scoring 9 points.

Washington Wizards welcomed Detroit Pistons and decided the game in their adventage in the last quarter of the match(106-100). Beal is pushing and giving them all but we will see if that will be enough for the PO. Beal(29 points) and Mahinmi(21 points) took all the burden and won. Rose with 21 points led Detroit in scoring tonight but they are preparing for the rebuild next season and Rose is an asset for trade.

Brooklyn Nets after a good first half have lost from Philadelphia 76ers(111-117). Irving decided to sit one more game with few moments before it started. Dinwiddie again took a torch and ked his team but unfortunately that 76ers were to much for them. Ben Simmons had an outstanding performance(34 points, 12 rebounds and assists with 5 steals) and Horfor was the key in the finish of the game scoring 5 points.

Hitting 15 three’s in the first half, Pelicans had a huge advantage for the win, breaking Memphis’s winning streak(116-126). Grizzlies only hit 9 three’s against 21 of Pelicans, that made the biggest difference. It’s first game this season that Grizzlies lost with Brooks scoring more than 20 points, 31 for him tonight while Jackson Jr had 19 points. Jrue Holiday in his comeback game from injury dropped 36 points(7/10 from deep). Also need to mention Brandon Ingram who had 25 points. Both teams are competing for the spot in the PO this season.

Miami Heat in OT secured one more victory, every game that they were played in OT was secured by them. Tonight’s opponent was Sacramento Kings were outscored by 5 points in OT and that is finished with Heat’s win(118-113). With Butler out, Nunn took the responsibility and led the team in scoring, dropping 25 points and also James Johnson dropped 22 points and wqs most efficient player off the bench. Nemanja Bjelica scored 22 points and with him Hield stood out with 20 points. Now, Kings are holding 14th place on the West while Heat is second in the East.

Milwaukee Bucks defeated Chicago Bulls(111-98) and still hold the number 1. spot in the East with 9W ahead of second Heat. Triple double for Giannis noted this match, 28 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists but 8 lost balls. Khris Middleton with 24 points and great shooting percentage is proving that he deserves an ALL STAR spot this season. LaVine with 24 points and Dunn with 15 points couldn’t resist all mighty Bucks.

Phoenix Suns hosted San Antonio Spurs tonight and it was a close game, but experience won(118-120). Booker’s 37 points and Ayton dropping 25 was enough to defeat Spurs. Young White(25 points) and Forbes(24 points) led their team to the win. DeRozan with another all around game(18/9/8) is recording maybe the best stats this season, final season of his contract. Both team are near PO so they must look after and don’t throw a game.

Utah Jazz stopped Indiana Pacers only allowing them 88 points. Final scored was 118-88 and Indiana’s best scorer was Turner with 12 points. On the other side, Mitchell with 25 points and Gobert with 20 points and 14 rebounds completely shut down Indiana’s offence. Aaron Holiday also had 12 points.

Portland Trail Blazers after OT won against GSW(129-124). Main attraction was Damien Lillard who dropped 61 points(career high) with 11/20 from three. Whiteside(17 points) and Simons(15 points) followed him to try to make the PO run after a bad start of a season. Burks recorded 33 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists and Russell was also near triple double with 27 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists. Paschall is getting involved in a race for MIP with 22 points and 13 rebounds recording tonight.

Atlanta Hawks gave Toronto Raptors a lot of problems but somehow Raptors were ready and with experience as a defending champs won vs weak Hawks(117-122). Trae Young even with just playing his second season is emerging as a maybe one of the best playmakers in the game. That same Young dropped 42 points and assisted 15 of his team mates for making their shots. Powell as a bench leader tonight had 27 points and VanVleet with 20 points is with every game rasing his value for the upcoming season, after this season he will be a free agent, everyone will try to sigh him.

Charlotte Hornets are giving their best but they are to young and have to much of roll players who were paid to much for something they can’t do. Orlando Magic defeated them(83-106) causing them to fallon 12th place while Magic are 7th. Monk with 20 and Washington with 19 points are developing they need time, Graham is take responsibility but he is still young but will have bright future. Fournier(26 points) and Vučević(24 points) are pushing and likely will make the PO second year in a row.

Both New York and Cleveland are on the bottom of the East so their game isn’t that much interesting for the crowd but maybe in the future we will have an opportunity to see some players that can have bright future if these team develop them right. NYK won this duel(86-106) with Randle and Morris both scoring 19 points. Cavs with Sexton(17 points) and Garland(11 points) have some potential but we will see.

Houston Rockets lost already won game against Oklahoma City Thunder(107-112) where they had 16 points lead before last quarter but Harden’s poor shooting led to the defeat even if he had 29 points but shoot 1/17 from deep. Westbrook with triple-double(32/11/12) against former team wasn’t enough for the win. Russ also became the second player in history to record triple-double against every team in the league, first one is ‘The King’. CP3 had a game there he took all in his hands and stopped Rockets from getting the win, scoring 28 points and with Gallinari as their second option with 25 points that was possible.

Minnesota Timberwolves can’t do anything even with half of the key players of Denver Nuggets are hurt. Wolves lost by 7 points (100-107) with 28 points of KAT who loves playing against Jokić. MP Jr is using every chance he gets so will can see in the future something more from him, 20 points and 14 rebounds he gave us tonight. Denver is in the PO for sure and Minnesota is in the bottom again after all this seasons.