Ja Morant is proving that he will be the star in the future, Giannis smashed NYK

Kyrie Irving is unstoppable at some point but Utah Jazz have beaten his team tonight(107-118). Back from injuries, Irving got 32 points and 11 assists and 17 points that Dinwiddie scored wasn’t enough to beat mighty Utah. Joe Ingles shined with 27 points and Mitchell with 25 points(14 points in the last quarter). Rudy Gobert had 22 points and 18 rebounds, tremendous credit for the good record of Utah.

Memphis Grizzlies stopped Harden on 41 points but only 35% fg(13/37) and with that they made a lead in the fourth quarter for the win(121-110). Ja Morant with 26/5/8 and 91% was the first rookie to do it. Brooks(24 points) and Valaciunas(19 points) are representing young core of Memphis including Jackson Jr.. Already mentioned Harden, Gordon with 23 points of the bench and Capela with 16 points and rebounds as their center are doing everything in their power but can’t do it because they don’t have roll players.

The game was already over in the first half where Giannis Antetokounmpo demolished New York Knicks  with 37 points in JUST 21 minutes spent in the game. Milwaukee Bucks shut them down completely(128-102) and they are continuing their journy as the team with the best record in league(36W-6L). Middleton with 17 points and Ilyasova with 14 points did their job with no problems at all. Randle with 25 points and 15 rebounds  had +/- – 25 even with this stats. Barrett(22 points) and Portis added 20 points tonight.

GSW hosted Dallas Mavericks tonight and lost in front of their fans(97-124). Poll(17 points) and Paschall(16 points) have stood up and that’s it from Warriors. Powell(21 points) and Dončić(20 points) were their leaders tonight with Porzingis out. Another European player is leading Dallas after Nowitzki and that player is Luka Dončić.

LAC have defeated Cleveland Calaliers(128-103). Leonard with 43 points destroyed Cavs. Sweet Lou added 24 points from the bench. Sexon(25 points) and Osman(21 points) as a starters have proved their place. Garland became first player to record 10 assists this season on the Cavs.

The Hawks played an amazing game versus the Phoenix Suns, and won 123-110. Trae Young led the way as always with 36 points and 10 assists, Huerter was great with 23 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists. Devin Booker had 39 points, Ayton followed with 20 points and 10 boards.