Jokić powers Nuggets against Clippers, Knicks upset the Raptors

The Denver Nuggets played great at home and won against the Los Angeles Clippers 114-104. The Nuggets had a great team perfomance, but Jokić was leading them with 20 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists, Jamal Murray followed with 19 points. Thi Clippers had 3 players with 25+ points, as Kawhi had 30, Lou had 26 and Montrezl had 25 points.

The Raptors fell against the San Antonio Spurs 105-104. DeMar DeRozan had no mercy against his former team, as he continued his amazing streak of great perfomances and dropped 25 points, Rudy Gay helped with 15. At the Raptors, Ibaka had 21 points and 14 rebounds, Powell had 20 points, Lowry finished with 16 points and 15 assists.

The Knicks upset the Miamo Heat in MSG 124-121. This was crazy game, as the Knicks overcame the big deficit in the fourth quarter and won. Julius Randle had 26 points, followed by RJ Barret who scored 23 points. Butler at the other side had 25 points and 10 rebounds, Nunn had 20 points.

It was a close game between Washington Wizards and Utah Jazz first three quarters but Utah took over the game in the last one(116-127). Beal is back and he dropped 25 points. Bojan Bogdanović with 31 points that he scored against his former team for enough for the win. Clarkson(23 points) and Gobert with 21 points and 14 rebounds. Utah recorded their 9th victory in a row.

One more player had a comeback night and that was Irving who scored 21 points(10-11fg) against Atlanta Hawks who played without Trae Young(108-86). Prince(14 points), LeVetr and Jordan with 13 points each stopped Hawks. Reddish 20 points led Atlanta in scoring tonight.

Memphis Grizzlies are trying to hold 8th place in the strong West, tonight they have beaten Golden State Warriors(122-102). Valaciunas with 31 points and Jackson Jr with 21 points secured this win, Morant was close to a triple double with 11/7/10. DLo dropped 34 points.

Kelly Oubre Jr had a great night with 25 points and 15 rebounds against Charlotte Hornets(100-92). Ayton started the match on the bench and he had 18 points, need to prove and earn his spot in the starting lineup. Bacom with 24 points and Graham with 22 points tried buy unfortunately can’t win against Suns.