ETC’s Athlete of the Year 2019 – Lamar Jackson becomes the first winner!

Ravens‘ quarterback has been voted the first Athlete of the Year by our sites’ readers!

Lamar Jackson‘s professional career started with him declaring he would bring the city of Baltimore the Super Bowl and it seems he has never looked back since.

In the current NFL season, which is only Lamar’s second, he broke more than 30 league and franchise records, some of them being – first player to throw 30 touchdowns and rush for 1,000 yards in a single season, first player with four touchdown passes and at least 50 yards rushing in consecutive games, most perfect passer ratings in a season with 2, most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season, etc.

He has also been deemed as the Michael Vick of today, as his style is best described as a perfect mixture of quarterback and running back.

Ravens play their next game on January 11 against the Tenessee Titans, as they continue their quest for the ring.

“We haven’t seen anyone like Lamar Jackson” – Troy Palamalu, former NFL Defensive Player of the Year

As far as our poll is concerned, Lamar just managed to edge out Lionel Messi, who has had a solid showing with both club and country this year, and Israel Adesanya, who was 3-0 in the UFC and managed to claim the middleweight belt. Fourth and fifth place belong to UEFA Champions League and UEFA Player of the Year winner Virgil van Dijk, and NBA champion and Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, respectively.

Poll results:

  1. Lamar Jackson – American football (Baltimore Ravens) – 27.9%
  2. Lionel Messi – Football/Soccer (Barcelona FC) – 24.6%
  3. Israel Adesanya – MMA – 21.3%
  4. Virgil Van Dijk – Football/Soccer (FC Liverpool) – 14.7%
  5. Kawhi Leonard – Basketball (Toronto Raptors/Los Angeles Clippers) – 11.5%