Emerging undrafted players, Hawks finally got a win

Washington Wizards have surprised Miami Heat and everyone else tonight beating them(123-105). Two undrafted players, McRae(29 pts, 8 ast) and Mathews(28 pts) led Wizards to the 10th victory this season. Jimmy Butler dropped 27 points(15/19 ft) and Robinson who is continuing to surprise everyone with his performances(16 points but averaging 46% from 3 this season).

Chicago Bulls couldn’t breathe last night against Milwaukee Bucks(102-123). LaVine with 23 shots taken scored just 19 points, he was well guarded tonight. Middleton with 25 and 23 of Giannis Antetokounmpo were more than enough for the win.

Jordan Clarkson debuted for Utah’s win against Detroit Pistons(104-81). Mitchell(23 pts) and Clarkson(20 pts) of the bench stopped Detroit. Griffin is still out and DRose scored 20 points. Detroit need to start fresh, they can’t do anything with this roster.

Portland Trail Blazers had a lead in the first quarter but after they lost it, couldn’t take back a lead at all, Phoenix Suns played amazingly well with Booker as a commander of the squad(116-122). Lillard with 33 points couldn’t do it, McCollum(25 pts) and Whiteside(16 pts, 22 rebs). Booker scored 33 points as well, followed by Oubre(29 pts) and Rubio(18 pts, 13 ast).

The Hawks get a win in Orlando over the Magic 101-93. Trae Young is still not back, but Brandon Goodwin came up big to get a good win. He scored 21 points, Hurerter and Len followed with 19 and 18 points respectively. At Magic, Vučević scored 27 points, Fournier had 22.

The Timberwolves beat the Brooklyn Nets 122-115 after overtime. T-Wolves played without Karl and Wiggins, but the Nets were also without Kyrie, Nwaba, Levert and others. Napier scored 24 points, Culver had a career high 21 points. At the Nets, Dinwiddie scored 36 points, Harris had 19.