Porzingis powers the Mavs, Heat coast past the Knicks

Until last minute, Memphis Grizzlies had a lead against Cleveland Calaliers but couldn’t kept it. Cleveland won(114-107) and Clarkson had 33 points. Jackson Jr. with 24 points needs to be mentioned.

Indiana Pacers led by TJ Warren won against Sacramento Kings(119-105). Warren(23 pts), Turner(17 pts) and Sabonis(15 pts) were the players who are leading Indiana to the fifth place in the East. Holmes dropped 20 points and was only player from staring five who gave his best this game.

Boston Celtics destroyed Detroit Pistons(114-93) and with that win they got second place in the conference. Both Tatum and Brown scored 26 points. Thon Maker with 15 points and Rose with 14 points, both players of the bench ‘played’.

Raptors defeated Wizards and continuing their journey to the PO. Lowry(26 pts) and Ibaka(23 pts, 10 rebs) are veterans who will lead this team into PO. Beal scoring 37 points was enough to win tonight.

Miami Heat has crushed NYK(129-114) and they are developing young players with every game. Bam Adebayo with 20 points and Dragić with 18 points led Heat to win. Portis, player who is averaging 10 points this season scored 30 points tonight.

It’s time for everyone to show their respect to this young man, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is playing like a star, dropping tonight 32 points in a win against Phoenix Suns(126-108). Suns can’t handle OKC and with 24 points which Rubio scored are continuing to get into PO.

Philadelphia 76ers lost again, even without Dončić, Dallas Mavericks were to much to handle for Joel(98-117). Joel with 33 points and 17 rebounds was only player who played for 76ers. Hardaway(27 pts) and Porzingis(22 pts) are pushing Dallas into PO and holding the place and hope for Luka until he recovers.

Jokić really loves playing against Minnesota Timberwolves and tonight he recorded another triple-double with 22-10-10. Nine points deference was needed to win(109-100). Murray dropped 28 points against the wolves who weren’t complete, Towns was missing. Wiggins scored 19 points and that was it from wolves.

Lillard again had a good game with 36 points and aslo McCollum with 31 points were enough for the win against Orlando Magic(118-103). Nikola Vučević was only one with more that 20 points in Magic’s team, 23 points were scored by him.

Bottom of the West battled tonight and the win went to Warriors(106-102). New Orleans Pelicans are falling more and more down. DLo with 25 points is playing like a star but can’t do all by himself like in Brooklyn. Holiday and Ingram each had 25 points with great % but no help by their team mates.