FAME MMA UK: A positive or a negative for mixed martial arts?

FAME MMA UK will have their first event tonight, starting at 20:00 CET in Newcastle on Tyne, and it can be watched here.

The sport of mixed martial arts has become the fastest growing sport for the past few years, mostly due to Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, as well as others, being able to transcend the sport. Three or four years after their breakthrough in the main stream, MMA has become a sport you have to be familiar with. Knowing simple elements, judging fights, knowing the sport’s stars and being able to comprehend different fighting backgrounds. Ultimately, neither will be considered as ‘the greatest of all-time’, but it is their influence that will be their staple.

FAME MMA is a Polish organization which set about celebrity fighting with the overall increase of popularity of the sport. Their mission – “Gala Freak Fights”! Their shows’ fighters are mostly reality stars and YouTubers wanting to show what they have in the oldest way possible, fighting. With some of the reality shows peaking in 2010s and YouTube becoming the most powerful platform to create content, wishing to see which of your two favorite reality stars or YouTubers would outdo the other should only be considered a positive, right?

However, these are not professional fighters, and are amateur at best. That posses a serious question on commissioning of these fights and how they are even allowed to fight without any protection. What will happen if someone gets seriously injured?

Nonetheless, the most important thing about the FAME MMA organization is its attempt to make the sport of MMA even more widespread and to bring new fans in. That might not be the greatest thing ever to hardcore fans, but the main question is if we want our sport to be globalized or do we wanting it to keep it exclusively for a minority? My answer will always be the former.

Full fight card:

Sam Gowland vs. Marty McKenna (Geordie Shore duo)

Ally Law vs. Joe Henderson (YouTube stars)

Joel JMX vs. TBC (YouTube gamer)

Dapper Laughs vs. Harvey (Ex-Celebrity Big Brother star faces So Solid Crew member)

Callum Markie vs. Casey Barker (YouTube stars)

Ashley Marie vs. Georgia Harrison (YouTube gamer against Love Island and TOWIE star)

Andrew Henderson vs. Mike Fox (Football freestyler faces YouTuber)