DRose and Bjelica had a game winners, PG13 is won against a former team

GSW lost again,Memphis Grizzlies have beaten them by 8 points(102-110). Burks and Russel(each had 18 points),Cauley-Stein(17 points) and Green(16 points) played well but even with their performances couldn’t do it.Ja Morant dropped 26 points and he is leading all rookies with the highest points per game.

Utah Jazz lost again, great team on paper but on the court are terrible, OKC beaten them(90-104).Mitchell dropped 26 points and Gobert scored 19 points and caught 17 rebounds but Bojan and Joe must bring themselves to the last seasons performances. Even with the rebuilding themselves, thunder has a huge chance to be in PO.Dennis with 27 points and followed by Shai(20 pts) were players with the most points on their team.

Phoenix Suns hosted Minnesota Timberwolves and they have beaten them(125-109).DBook(26 pts, 7 ast),Oubre(24 pts),Saric(20 pts) and Rubio(16 pts,14 ast) had a great night,leading Suns to the 11th victory this season. Towns with 33 points and 15 rebounds as always was their best player on the team and also on the floor. Wiggins’s 23 points helped but unfortunatly not enought.

Derrick Rose is back with another game winner this season, tonight the team who was killed within last seconds was New Orleans(103-105). Brandon Igram is playing like another player,LAL couldn’t bring his potencial to the fullest, 31 points with 52% fg. DRose with 21 points and 7 assists had a great night and took responsibility for the last shot from Griffin who wasn’t all himself last night only scoring 5 points for 34 minutes on the floor.

Milwaukee Bucks got their 15th win in a row, they beaten Orlando Magic by 9 points(110-101).Greak Freak again was close to triple-double with 32 pts,15 rebs and 8 ast.Fournier(26 pts) and Ross(23 pts) were players with more than 20 points.Jonathan Isaac is big surpise this season because of his defence, he is averaging 2.9 blocks per game.

Game between Chicago Bulls and Toronto Raptors was realy close and Raptors secured it with 1 point victory(92-93).Zach dropped 20 points and with 11 rebounds was one of two players who had double-double in his team, second player was Satoransky with 10 points and 11 assists. Spicy P again led Toronto to the victory with 22 points.

Boston Celtics are continuing their journy to the PO, tonight their opponents were Cleveland Calaliers who couldn’t give them chance to worried them(110-88).Gordon Hayward is back from another injury scoring 14 points as a starter.Walker(22 pts),Brown(20 pts) and Tatum were their prime scorers as always. Cavaliers had Clarkson(19 pts) and Thompson(17 pts,11 rebs) who were in double digits.

Paul George had no mercy for his former team, as he helped his team win over the Pacers 110-99. He scored 36 points, including 7 threes, Harell added 26 points off the bench. Clippers were without Kawhi, who was out for Load Management. At Pacers, Brogdon scored 20 points, Sabonis had a ridiculous game with 18 points and 22 rebounds.

The Kings get another win on the road by beating the Rockets in crazy fashion at the end(119-118). Russell Westbrook had an amazing game and scored a clutch layup with 1 second to go, but Nemanja Bjelica launched a deep three from way downtown and scored for the win. Westbrook finished with 34 points, Harden had 27. Buddy Hield had 26 points, Barnes dropped 19, Bjelica had 17.