EXCLUSIVE – Bosnian revenge for Erko Jun?

In the main event of KSW 51 in Zagreb, the Polish sporting legend Mariusz Pudzianowski took out the heavyweight superstar in the making, Erko Jun in a 2nd round TKO, proving he is still a threat in the KSW’s heavyweight division!

However, another Bosnian heavyweight was supposed to fight on the KSW 51 card, but was pulled out off the card by the organization for a knee injury. Denis Stojnić was scheduled to fight Ante Delija, who completely demolished the late replacement Oli Thompson. Since the match between the two has been years in the making, there were indications that the fight would happen in March 2020, when Stojnić’s injury would heal.

In our interview prior to the event, which can be read here, the Bosnian fighter revealed that he has signed a four-bout contract with the Polish organization, which is however not exclusive. This means that Stojnić can fight in other MMA organizations without any repercussions. Reports circulated that both heavyweights might be a part of the new season of PFL‘s (Professional Fighting League) heavyweight playoffs, but it may be too soon to tell.

I am a KSW fighter under contract, and I do not wish to make additional comments!

Denis Stojnić to Enter the Court when asked about the possibility of joining PFL

However, one name being brought up is the former Polish strongman gone MMA fighter, Mariusz Pudzianowski! ‘Pudzian’ proved that he still has his signature power and, most importantly, will to keep fighting after his TKO win over Erko Jun.

Why would this fight be that intriguing? Well there are many reasons, so let’s dive in! First off, every fight that Mariusz was in was extremely exciting, with only two of them going to decision. Secondly, he will always be a major draw for the Polish card as he is, by surveys, the third most recognizable Polish athlete, whilst a storyline of Stojnić avenging his fellow Bosnian is a must-see. Thirdly, Stojnić has only lost three out of his 22 fights, two of them being to Cain Velasquez and Stefan Struve in the UFC, which would pose a huge threat for the Polish. And finally, this is a great match to determining the title contenders for the future of the division – if Pudzianowski wins, he will have a two-fight win streak and will probably be among top 5 contenders in the organization for the strap Phil de Fries is currently holding; if Stojnić wins in his KSW debut, it opens up a possibility of his long-awaited match against Ante Delija to be for the number one contender spot for the title!

Do you like the possibility of ‘Pudzian‘ and Stojnić going head-to-head and who do you give the edge to?