Where is Jokić, Harden with another MVP performance, 11th victory in a row for Bucks

Sacramento Kings after the overtime won against Denver Nuggets(100-97). Harrison Barnes with 30 points helped the team to secure the victory. Nikola Jokić can’t be seen nowhere, he is like a ghost with his playing. Gary Harris, a little forgotten player who is averaging 11 points scored 25 points as a starter.

Very close game in Wells Fargo Center where 76ers hosted Indiana Pacers, the fourth quarter was deciding where Philadelphia won by 3 points(26-23) for final score 119-116. Joel Embiid led his team to win with 32 points. Warren (29 pts) and Brogdon(28 pts) were best players in Pacers team tonight.

Houston Rockets were dominating last night versus Atlanta Hawks(158-111). James Harden again put a MVP performance with 60 points in 31 minutes played and with 67% shooting, also attempted 23 ft which he hit 20. McLemore(24 pts) had a game that he can remember because of few previous seasons where he lost his ‘touch’. Trae Young as always is Hawks leading scorer, 37 points for him tonight.

Milwaukee Bucks are continuing their winning streak with 11th victory, Charlotte Hornets were the team who helped them in this streak(137-96). Who else than Giannis could be their best scorer(26 points in 20 minutes). Graham for sure is in the race for MIP, 24 points and 5 assists. Bucks are 17:3 in first 20 games into the season.