LaVine frustrated after Boylen’s comments

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls’ young star, was criticised by head coach Jim Boylen after Bulls lost to the Heat 116-108.

24-year old guard didn’t have the best game versus the Heat, despite being the best scorer of the team with 15 points. Jim Boylen had something to say about Zach after the game:

“It’s frustrating. It’s not right. And it bothers me. Our starters have to play better.”

Boylen said that LaVine made “3 egregious mistakes” defensively early. Lavine responded with this:

“Zach LaVine got 13 points scored on him, I guess. Or was it the starting 5? I don’t remember. I thought I was trying to do my job out there.I guess I was to blame for it. I’ve got pulled early before by him. I guess that’s just his thing to do. I have to take it in stride. What did he say I got pulled for?”

He added:

“I don’t remember seeing three egregious mistakes. I think I was supposed to show on one. And I didn’t. I told him because Jimmy doesn’t usually set screens. He slips out of them. I didn’t want to show and have him cut right to the basket. The other two, I don’t know.”

We’ll see if the Bulls can turn their season around, but they have severely underperformed at the start of the season. LaVine, best Bull currently, needs to play better in order for Chicago to succeed.

This again shows that Boylen does not have great relationship with the players, and it could be only the matter of time when he gets fired.