Big changes coming to the NBA?

Per Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe of ESPN, NBA league is working towards adding some new things, and totally changing the league.

Reportedly, main things that will be discussed are shortening the NBA season from 82 games to 78 games, adding in-season 30-team tournament,reseeding conferences during the playoffs and a playoff play-in.

Shortening the season was already discussed in the past, but the change never happened.

However, the 30-team in-season tournament is quite an ambitious project. The in-season tourney would feature a divisional group stage of scheduled regular-season games. The six divisional winners will be based on home and away records in the group stage. Those six teams and the clubs with the next two best records would then advance to a single-elimination knockout round. Players and coaches would be compensated for winning the tournament.

Reseeding of the teams wold happen when only 4 teams are left in the playoffs, so that Eastern teams and Western teams collide more during the playoffs.

The Playoff play-in is also an interesting idea: The playoff play-in would feature seeds seven through 10 in each conference. The No. 7 seed would host the No. 8, and the winner of that game would earn the No. 7 playoff slot. Then, the ninth and 10th place teams would battle, and the winner of that game would take on the eighth-place squad to determine who lands the final playoff spot.

All of this is still far from happening, as firstly this will need to be discussed in April, on meeting of NBA’s Board of Governors. After that, the league would need to come up with an agreement with NBPA.

The earliest that we could see these changes is in 2021/22 season.