No. 9 of SAS got retired, some players are playing in MVP mode

Boston Celtics continued winning streak of 8 wins. Last night they have beaten Dallas Mavericks(116-106). Kemba Walker(29 pts) and Jalen Brown(25 pts, 11 rebs) were again players with the most points. Luka Dončić, last year ROTY is playing in MVP mode, 34 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists.

Even with Rose and Griffin back, Detroit Pistons lost from Minnesota Timberwolves(114-120). Luke Kennard is developing every game, 25 points tonight and he is averaging almost 17 ppg. Griffin after a long vacation is back with 19 points for 24 minutes played. Andrew Wiggins finally have shown himself after a few years of waiting, 33 points tonight and his team mate, KAT had 25 points. Wiggins is averaging almost 26 ppg this season.

SAS lost from Memphis Grizzlies(109-113). Main event last night was retiring Tony Parker’s jersey. No. 9 is Parker’s for eternity. Aldridge scored 19 points and Gay 18 points. Triple J ruined their evening when he put 24 points for Memphis’s win. Brooks(21 pts) and Valančiūnas(18 pts, 12 rebs).

As expected, Houston Rockets won against NOP(116-122), for their seventh win this season. JJ Redick(24 pts, 7/15 for 3), Josh Hart(19 pts) and Holiday(18 pts, 9 rebs, 11 ast) couldn’t do more without Ingram, he is their main scorer this season. Harden had one more ‘Harden’ game with 39 points(3/11 from deep) and Westbrook(26 pts, 1/8 frkm deep). Capela had 11 points and 20 rebounds in thier win.

GSW lost again, now it’s from Utah Jazz(108-122). DLo is giving his best(33 pts, 8 ast) but not enough, he doesn’t have support. Gobert had a tremendous impact with 25 points and 12 rebounds. Donovan and Mike combined for 45 points, 9 rebounds and 13 assists.

Game between Kawhi’s past and present team, LAC hosted Toronto Raptors and won(98-88). The Klaw was near quadruple double if TO are counting(12 pts, 11 rebs, 9 ast, 9 to). Sweet Lou was in his mode with 21 points of the bench. Siakam on the other side had 16 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists.