Martin Lewandowski for ETC: We wanted to show that we are an international brand!

Martin, we are finally here in Zagreb. Tomorrow is the big event, tell me how do you feel about everything so far?

Just amazing! It is a magical event so far and I have to say it’s a new energy. I am really glad we took this step and decided to come to Croatia because you never know how is it going to be, how will people react, how will fans react and we really feel welcome! Dinamo CEO brought us in, the mayor of the city is a patron of this event.

After the weigh-ins the atmosphere was shaped. DO you think the entire Balkans will be here supporting their fighters?

I was hoping it would be like that and I’m glad it happened!

How did the matchmaking work? You took some of the best fighters from each former Yugoslav state – Erko Jun, Vaso Bakočević, Joker Ilić… How did the plan go from the beginning?

That was our goal when we decided to enter Balkans. We are not going to come in with Polish fighters but those who are the best here to show that we are international brand and that we have a lot of different fighters from all parts of the world. Our matchmaker did a really great job because in the past fighters were hired who were top names and we made to change where 70% of the card is Balkans.

And finally, would you are a KO guy or a points guy?

I’m a little bit of both. I love seeing KOs, going to the distance, submission. It’s nice to show that MMA is such a complicated and complex sport, and fans should see all types of winning possible.