KSW 51: Weigh-Ins (VIDEO)

KSW‘s 51st event and their first in the Balkan region, begins tonight at 19:00 CET in Arena Zagreb! Organization has announced that more than 10,000 tickets were sold for the event!

Yesterday’s weigh-ins was a true sign of the KSW staple for such a long time – big fights and showmanship! KSW has indeed put up a ridiculous card for the Balkan region in tendency to make the best fighters possible come to their organization. From Bosnian’s Erko Jun to Vaso ‘Psychopath’ Bakočević, the support will surely not be lacking. KSW was the big winner of the weigh-ins, since only one fighter (Miloš Janičić) has failed to hit the target weight. As for the other fighter weights, you can find them below!

Mariusz Pudzianowski (118.3) vs. Erko Jun (104.1)

Vaso Bakočević (72.9) vs. Borys Mańkowski (73)

Antun Račić (61.2) vs. Damian Stasiak (60.8)

Filip Pejić (66.3) vs. Daniel Torres (66.1)

Ante Delija (108.1) vs. Oli Thompson (107)

Aleksandar Ilić (84.2) vs. Cezary Kęsik (84.2)

Ivan Erslan (93) vs. Darwin Rodriguez (93.4)

Miloš Janičić (72)* vs. Roman Szymański (70.7)

Aleksandar Rakas (76.7) vs. Krystian Kaszubowski (77.6)

Lemmy Krušič (61.5) vs. Sebastian Przybysz (61.6)