Team can play even without a ball dominant players, with great coach or team chemistry can be enough to win.

Jordan’s team, Charlotte Hornets have lose from Boston Celtics(87-108). Terry Rozier, point guard played last season for Boston and signed for Hornets this season. On the other side, Kemba played for Charlotte and now he is playing for Boston. Mikes Bridges, player from 2018draft, had 18 points for still rebuilding Charlotte. Tatum(23p) and Hayward(20p,10r,6a) who is trying to get back from horrible injury. Boston is first on the East with 6:1 while Charlotte is 4:4.

SAS hosted OKC and secured victory in front of their fans(121-112). LaMarcus Aldridge was on fire, 39 points with 83%fg. Almost got a triple-double, Dejounte Murray scored 17 points, caught 8 rebounds and gave 10 assists. He is developing great, with Tim Duncan and Greg Popovich there to teach him. Danilo Gallinari(27p) and SGA(21p) gave their best but it wasn’t enough. Its better that expected from Thunder with their new start.

Miami Heat is gonna be a problem in the East, great team play, no one is holding a ball to long, like stars like RW or JH. They played against Phoenix Suns and defeated they(108-124). Suns are playing better than expected. Baynes(23p) is playing with that confidence that wasn’t seen from him, he is averaging 16 ppg, Ayton with suspension lost his place in starting lineup. Booker who is playing third option with his usage rate even if he is their main star. It means they are trying to build teamwork, not a onr man show. Jimmy Bucket is a beast, 34 points led his team to victory. Goran Dragić(25p) is giving his best from the bench and that roll fits him maybe even better than in starting lineup. Herro(15p) and Nunn(11p) are still full of confidence and always ready to prove themselves.

LAC defeated Portland Trail Blazers(107-104) and made it difficult for Portland with their fifth defeat this season. Leader of the group, Kawhi(27p), was shooting just 39%, 6 lost balls. Sweet Lou added 26 points of the bench. Lillard and McCollum had 22 points each with terrible shooting night. Only bright side was Hassan Whiteside(17p and 19r). PG is going to be ready soon and we’ll able to see full team in action.