Road to Zagreb #2 Lemmy Krušič – He has never faced a guy like me!

Enter the Court will try to produce the best in-depth look of the KSW‘s Zagreb card with fighter interviews, fan and pro predictions and will essentially aim at providing you the freshest of info regarding the event in a serial Road to Zagreb!

In the second episode of Road to Zagreb, we talked to Lemmy Krušič (20-6), one of the best Slovenian MMA fighters, who takes on a Polish bantamweight prospect Sebastian Przybysz (5-2) who has already seen the KSW octagon three times.

You are facing a very tough opponent, Sebastian Przybysz, who already has a 2-1 record in KSW. How do you feel about his fighting style?

He is a solid opponent, but he has weaknesses, like we all have but he has never faced a guy like me! He is a complete fighter. He can fight everywhere so we don’t have a specific game plan for him. Wherever the battle takes us, there we will fight!

Where would you prefer to take this fight – stand up or ground game?

I would like to face him in stand-up!

How do you feel about performing at home court basically in Zagreb? How are you feeling about your gym choice, ATT?

I am Slovenian not Croatian (laugh) so it’s not home court, but in Zagreb I feel like home. It’s great, I fought in Croatia before and it was always a blast so I don’t expect it to be anything different now. I am happy to be here , to fight here and to be part of this! I had a lot of possibilities to train everywhere but I found myself her in ATT Zagreb. We are together for 4 years now and like I said I will stay here till the end. People love me and I love them back so it’s all good. I feel good in our gym in this environment. We have a killer squad with Filip Pejić, Ivan Erslan, my brother Rok Krušič who you will also see in KSW in the future and I don’t doubt that! We also have a very strong trainer team!