Road to Zagreb #1 Darwin Rodriguez – I will be the one to take the victory!

Enter the Court will try to produce the best in-depth look of the KSW‘s Zagreb card with fighter interviews, fan and pro predictions and will essentially aim at providing you the freshest of info regarding the event in a serial Road to Zagreb!

In the first episode of Road to Zagreb, we have talked to Darwin Rodriguez, one of the best prospects Spanish MMA has seen. He is currently sporting a 6-fight win streak, with his last loss being two years ago. He is fighting Croatia’s Ivan Erslan on his home turf, who is yet undefeated, going 7-0 in his first seven fights and being ranked Croatian #1 light heavyweight!

How do you feel about getting the call-up from KSW? Were you negotiating for a longer or is this an opportunity which popped up?

Darwin Rodriguez: I feel very good, eager to work and win my fight on November 9. The KSW deal is spectacular and I’m proud to have signed a multi-fight contract with the company. And it’s an opportunity which popped up!

How do you feel about your opponent, Ivan Erslan? What do you know about him up until now?

Darwin Rodriguez: He is a strong man, I have seen all his fights, each and every one of them. I always work with respect towards my rivals, but on November 9 I will be the one who takes the victory in the Zagreb Arena!

And tell me something about your last match at WTE against Picaut. Do you think this is a good lead-up fight for you?

Darwin Rodriguez: Yes, it was a good fight for me. Picaut had a lot of experience and good preparation with superstars like Ngannou and Cyril Gane. Now my energy is focused on Erslan, he is next!