Cedevita Olimpija easily handled Mega in Belgrade

Cedevita Olimpija handled Mega Bemax 87:63 in the opening game of the new ABA League season on the wings of excellent performances by Marko Simonović (24 points) and Codi Miller-McIntyre (13 points, 10 rebounds)!

Cedevita Olimpija’s team completed a grueling rhythm of matches at the start of the new season on Friday in Belgrade against Mega Bemax and recorded their first win. The Dragons were in a great mood as they hit as many as 15 three-point shots, with Codi Miller-McIntyre achieving a double-double (13 points and 10 rebounds), Marko Simonović with 24 points (6/8 for three points) and Filip Krušlin with 12 points (4/5 for three points).

Many well-known names gathered at the Ranko Žeravica Sports Hall on Friday night, and visitors in New Belgrade initially witnessed the nervous start of both teams. In the opening five minutes of the game, the teams scored only two of the 14 shots from the game, but nevertheless, the Ljubljanaers were better off playing their game and, with Codi Miller-McIntyer laying in for the first minute after the second quarter, more than ten points of difference (22:11).

But the young team Mege Bemax did not give up, the courage was poured on them by the Atić triple, the first for the Belgrade players after nine missed shots from three points. This did not confuse the Dragons, they took away nine points with 41:32 on the main break, and transferred the summer game from the end of the second to the start of the third quarter. Filip Krušlin played in this part of the game and scored four three pointers, and after Marko Simonović’s new triple, Cedevita Olimpija’s advantage was 17 points (59:42), three minutes before the end of the quarter.

After that, Cedevita Olimpija did not look back, they managed to keep a high priority until the end of the game. In the Mega Bemax jersey, young Montenegrin basketball player Marko Simonović, who plays as a loaned player for Cedevita Olympia in Belgrade, scored 12 points in 25 minutes and collected seven rebounds.

”The fact that we are a more experienced team than the home team has definitely decided the game in Belgrade. We opened the match very well. Nevertheless, we must commend the team of Mega Bemax and their head coach, who works great with young basketball players. I wish them a successful season, and that they all stay healthy. We are already thinking of our next game. We need to get a good rest and prepare for a showdown with Unics from Kazan, which will be very important to us. ”

Marko Simonović, who was the best scorer for the winning side, after the match

On Tuesday, the team will head to Russia’s Kazan and face Unics in the second round of the 7Days EuroCup on Wednesday.