Champions League tonight – Can Inter pull off an upset?

The 2nd week of the champions league has begun. Yesterday we didn’t get to see a lot of interesting matches except of course Bayern’s 7-2 victory versus Tottenham, but today we pointed out 3 very interesting matchups that you’re going to want to keep your eye on so let’s get started.

Slavia Prague vs. Borussia Dortmund

While on paper Borussia is an obvious favorite here, this game has everything you need in a Champions league match. Looking at the past Slavia’s matches we can be almost 100% sure that they’re not going to defend the whole game hoping for a draw. They showed us they can play great last time when they drew Inter. On the other side we’re gonna see Borussia Dortmund that wants to grab their first win of the Champions league season. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Barcelona vs Inter

Both teams looking to improve on disappointing draws last round in which both teams didn’t play so well. This game doesn’t need much introduction because I’m sure that you know both of these sides very well. Like last time the biggest question is, is Leo Messi going to play? If he plays I think that Barca’s chance of winning this match at least doubles, but Inter is in very good form in the league and even though I think this is gonna be one very close match, at the end Barca has a better team and if they don’t win I’m gonna be suprised

Does Conte have a plan how to stop this amazing Barca team we’re going to find out

Valencia vs Ajax

This is one of those games you certainly do not want to miss. Even though both of these teams don’t have big stars, this game is going to be very intersting to watch. After last years dream campaign Ajax now looks how to advance through a very even group. Valencia beaten Chelsea in the first round and is looking to continue winning. This game is going to be interesting because both of these teams are ‘playing to score more’, they’re not gonna go for a draw and I highly suggest to everyone to watch this match.