Champions League – 1st round preview

Champions League is back. With 8 matches today and tomorrow new season of this competition is starting. We’re not gonna look at every match, instead we’re gonna be focusing on in my opinion 4 most interesting matches.

Borussia Dortmund vs Barcelona

The biggest question about this match is what can Leo Messi do? He was out from the start of the season and I honestly don’t expect him to start, but he will probably be substituted in in the second half. Both teams won they league matches and are coming with positive spirits. Barcelona on paper definitely has a better squad, but Borussia has already proven that no one is a favourite on their home ground. I’m giving a slight advantage to Barca in this match, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this game ends in a draw.

Napoli vs Liverpool

Like last year they are in the same group, but this time with no PSG. Liverpool is currently perfect in league with 5 wins out of 5, but Napoli is always very dangerous with their fast attacking line including Lozano, Mertens and Callejon. Last year Napoli almost eliminated Liverpool from the competition in the group stage so this is gonna be a very interesting match in which i would predict a Liverpool win.

The key battle is gonna be between Van Dijk and Mertens

Atletico Madrid vs Juventus

This game really doesn’t need much introduction. Both teams didn’t get the result they wanted in their league matches and they’re going to want to win this match to improve on their last matches. Last year they met in the knockout stage where Juventus turned around 2-0 deficit from the first game and advanced in the quarter-finals. This game is gonna go down to tactial details and while Simeone showed many times that is perfect in those small things, Sarri is still geting used to Juventus and in this game I would give the advantage to Atletico.

Is Ronaldo gonna have yet another great perfomance or is someone else gonna step up?

PSG vs Real Madrid

Just like last game this one doesn’t much introduction. PSG looks for the Champions league title but they are just coming short every year. Real is having much better succes in European football then Spanish, but are still looking for a win away from home. PSG is a favourite here, Real is having a slow start and for me everything but a PSG win would be a suprise. Real’s defence looked very uncordinated versus much worse opponents and how are they gonna look against Neymar and company we’re gonna see this Wednesday.

Neymar is going to have to step up while Mbappe is missing due to an injury