Pistons creating a superteam?

Pistons, led by All-NBA power forward Blake Griffin and one of the best rebounders in the NBA Andre Drummond have finished the season as the 8th seed in the east, making the playoffs, where they were swept by the Bucks in the first round. Pistons decided to keep main core of the team and made a couple of new acquisitions, including signing Derrick Rose and Markieff Morris to a 2-year deals, and also drafting young and promising French forward Sekou Doumbouya.

However, Pistons want to make their team even stronger. Reportedly, they have offered Reggie Jackson, Thon Maker, Luke Kennard and few picks to Spurs in exchange for their star guard DeMar DeRozan. Spurs are yet to decide whether or not they will accept this trade proposal, but it is certain that Pistons would be considered one of the favorites in the east if they managed to get DeMar.

DeRozan just finished his first season with the Spurs, averaging just over 21 points, with horrible 3pt shot percentages, of just 15%. However, he showed some great playmaking skills, as he averaged over 6 assists a night. He, alongside LaMarcus Aldridge, led the Spurs to the Playoffs, where they lost to young powerhouse of the West, Denver Nuggets.